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This is a discussion on Forum Rules & Guidelines! within the Welcome Center forums, part of the Front Desk category; 1: Manners ; Offtopics is a completely offtopic (dur), random, in-your-face community, but we're also human beings..we all have limits, ...

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Default Forum Rules & Guidelines!

  • 1: Manners; Offtopics is a completely offtopic (dur), random, in-your-face community, but we're also human beings..we all have limits, we all have a breaking point. Please do not personally attack any other members with intent to insult and or harm them. Use your head. We are going to assume every one has been out in the real world enough to know where the limit between humor and offense lies. BTW cussing is allowed as long as it's not a personal attack at other members.

  • 2: ONE Account per person! There is only to be ONE account for each person visiting Offtopics. If you're found to have created two accounts then you will, promptly, be asked to choose one of the two accounts to use as your main. The secondary will be removed from the site.

  • 3: Nonconstructive spam = No! There is to be NO spamming, advertising, mindless trolling or anything of the such amongst our people. If you're going to wtfpwn someone please be artistic and creative with it. (in a non-offensive way preferably!) ANY links to material off of our website with the intent to promote something using our members WILL result in a warning, continued breaking of this rule will result in your account being frozen.

  • NOTE; Linking pictures/videos/songs/media is completely acceptable as long as it is in threads made for the purpose..

  • 4: Useless posts? = Nooes! Do NOT run around and just post in every thread with useless shit. Put some work into your posts, we're all looking for nice discussions and a good active place to spend our time at, no body wants to see people posting "lol wtf bbq" in every thread. Just make sure your post, in some way, isn't the same shit over and over!

  • 5: We pwn. We have COMPLETE right to do anything we want on these forums, we can delete any threads or posts for any reason we see fit (we don't go psycho, don't worry! ^^), do NOT make threads complaining about how we deleted your spam and the such, if you would like to ask about why some action was taken against you then we'll be more than happy to embrace your concerns IF you private message one of the ADMINS or MODERATORS, otherwise we'll assume you're too busy spamming up the rest of the place to notice your stuff got deleted.

  • 6: Don't be stupid! Yes, this forum is called Offtopics, YES we can discuss anything.. That does NOT mean that each thread is open to be hijacked and changed to whatever you feel like talking about currently. EACH thread has its own topic and shall STAY that topic otherwise it will simply die. Period. If you want to talk about something else make a new thread and discuss it there. Posts that contain off-topic material will be deleted without warning.

  • 7: No CRAP! Do NOT under any circumstances post any links to ANY sort of pornography, disgusting images/videos/material or anything of the sort. ANY unacceptable links will be removed RIGHT away and, depending on severity, action will be taken against the member responsible. Remember, we're not afraid to can anyone who goes against the rules.

  • 8: Same stuff? NoeoeoeS! Before you make a thread PLEASE please always check to see if what you're wanting to discuss already has a thread dedicated to it. It's horrible to roll through the pages and see 20 threads on the same exact topic. If we see duplicate threads we will keep the thread about it that was posted FIRST (the thread with the earliest date..) and delete any threads about it that were made after that date.

  • We are going to assume that EVERYONE has read ALL of these rules thoroughly. Upon registering to this forum you automatically accept these guidelines and are expected to follow them. Failure to do so will result in action. Thank you and have a fantastic time on the forums!!
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